Friday, 16 November 2012


After the much awaited "Revolution Patch" or the so called Rebalancing Patch, Guillotine Cross had a major increase in damage formula as well as the other jobs. And the evolution of new tactics with regards to PvP has made the game more interesting.

The emergence of "CROSS RIPPER SLASHER".. well aware that this is one of the deadliest skill of a GX, it was oftentimes used way back before the Revolution Patch. But today, It has proven itself to be a threat once again.

Basic CRS Build:

CRS damage formula mainly focuses on the players BaseLv, JobLv, agility, and Base damage. So here are some build suggestion when going for a CRS Type of build.

90+ str = for increased damage
100 or 100+ agi = mainly for increased damage of CRS
90+ dex = for accuracy (HIT)
90+ vit = for def and HP
1 int = just leave it at 1 unless you prefer using Soul Destroyer
the rest is luk = for damage and hit

I come up with this....

100 str
100 agi
90 vit
91 dex
1 int
58 luk

 at 150/50, Hit=442, Atk=182

Advantage = High damage and accuracy, can switch to other GX build like Crit, CI or hybrid..
Disadvantage = not so very low HP compared to others.

This are just one of those GX builds out there. This is just only a guide..

CRS Skill build requirements

Katar Mastery 10/10
Sonic Blow 10/10
Advanced Katar Mastery 5/5
Rolling Cutter 5/5
Cross Ripper Slasher 5/5

Tried CRS on enemy with immune proxy only.

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