Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Gullotine Cross Basic Stat Build

Guillotine Cross also known as "GX" has a popular tradition in terms of building up its character. Ragnarok players often experiment on building up their Gx's because its the only job that can equip Katars, Daggers, Shields+One-Hand Weapon, One-Hand Swords, and even One-Hand Axes all at the same time! In that case, Gx can be the dominating class if it is properly equipped with stat,skills and equipment used.. So Here it goes.

Like what I've said, GX has the majority of weapon combinations including shields. The most popular build and is commonly used are the "Crit or Critical Type","DD  or Dual Dagger Type","CI or Cross Impact Type"..


First is the "Crit Type". Crit Types are the most popular build of Gx's. Basically, they are the most easy and convinient to use when levelling. Why? With their high Flee and Crit rate, monsters might have a hard time hitting them and Crit Gx's normal attack rarely miss. Also, Crit Gx's barely using their skill to kill a monster because most of the time, they use normal attack in killing them. So you dont need to waste your zeny for some expensive sp healing potions. =)

Crit types has a stat build like this, High Str for damage and Weight capacity, High Agi for Flee and Aspd, High Luk for Crit and additional Damage, No int, Can have a Medium dex for additional Damage or no dex at all, and the rest is Vit for Def and HP.

"DD-Type "

Next one is the "DD type". DD types usually has a complicated set of weapons and builds in order to be powerful. They used different kinds of Dual Daggers depending on the enemy they fought. Here are some basic weapon combinations based from my experiences and other players thoughts and information that might help. In PvM (Player vs. Monster), DD types traditionally uses a Carded Dagger in the Left hand and an Elemental Weapon in Right hand depending on the property of the monster. In PvP (Player vs. Player),  most common weapons they used today are Icepick in the Left Hand and KVM dagger/Battlegrounds Dagger in the right. For MVP boss hunting, DD types are not typically the most fitting build to use. MVP monsters have a high Flee so you might have a hard time hitting 'em. Most Gx's prefer Crit Types for MVP hunting.  

The stat build of DD types goes like this.. 
For DD type: High Str for damage, Can be High or Medium Agi for Flee and Aspd but depending on the other stat you want to put on, High Dex for Hit and a little Damage *recomended* , a little Luk for damage purposes, No Int, and the rest is Vit for Def and HP.


Third is the "CI type". CI types commonly uses their skill to kill an enemy. This build are the fastest killers but its also the most costly build to use. They barely uses their normal attacks to kill an enemy so you might need to spend some zeny in buying SP potions for a non-stop Cross Impact action. CI types has Two main builds. These are, Pure CI which has no Agi so it has a lower Aspd but have more power to its Attack. The other one is the CI Type w/ Agi. They have a lesser damage but can cast Cross Impact twice in succession. 

In terms of the equipment used, Crit types, DD types,CI types may have things in common. CI types may use Katars, Dual Daggers, One-Hand Swords and even Shield+Dagger/Sword/Axe when using Cross Impact. But the most common equipment used are Dual daggers. Like what I've discussed. They are most likely stronger than katars plus they can also use Cross Impact skill twice without delay compare to swords, Carded katars may also be used depending on which is stronger, In some cases, GX want their Cross Impact to be powerful that they used Double Two-Handed Swords. It has the most powerful damage but this can bring your aspd down and can only use the skill only once. 

All of these can be beneficial to every GX's but experimenting is the key to a much powerful weapon combination. Here are the most common build for CI types. 
For Pure CI. High Str, High Dex, can have a High or Medium Luk, No Agi, No int or you can put some if you like for SP purposes but I dont think it can be handy at times, and the rest is Vit. 
For CI w/Agi. High Str, High Dex, can have a High or Medium Luk, Medium Agi for Flee and some aspd, No int or whatever you want, and the rest is Vit,

Guillotine Cross builds have many forms and tactics, These are just the most common and widely used stat build today in pRO. There are a lot of things to discover so why not try experimenting.=)

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